Doing Massages The Right Way

Everything You Need to Know About Massage Therapy Massage therapy is about manipulating and rubbing different parts of the body where they need to focus on specific muscle and pressure points and with this, they usually do this as a form of relaxation and nowadays, they also use this form of practice for medical and health purposes. People also partake in this practice should they want to relieve pain. Should a person wants to go for a massage therapy, then they will surely need to spend a couple of their moneys just to find out which of the techniques and practices will give them the relaxation that they have been feeling as well as the most effective technique for them and they can choose freely from shiatsu, Swedish, hot stone massage, Thai and acupressure. For people who don’t have that much money though, they will rather spend their money and time looking for a massage therapist and they will explain what type of therapy they need from there. To have a therapist work on your muscle and body pains, it is important that they will surely get the pain cure regardless of the therapist’s gender. Although people will prefer to go to spas and massage center’s just to make sure and feel safe about the service, it is also alright to have an in house therapy or massage given that the therapist has provided license or any type of proof that they have experience on the field and they know exactly what they are doing.
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Should you be located in the United States and you want to make sure that they really know what they will be doing during the session, ask a staff or anyone working in the spa of your choice and inquire if their therapists are certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork or NCBTMB. Should you be located outside the US, then feel free to ask the management if they have the certification for all the therapists employed there just to make sure that you will be well aware of this to eradicate any questions you have or doubts.
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So what are you waiting for? It will be inevitable that all of us cannot keep up with the massage therapy on a regular basis but at least having a break from a long work will surely do you good especially if you decide on going for a therapy just to loosen the stress and rewarding yourself.

Smart Tips For Uncovering Skincare

Products to Make a Man Look Better There are a plenty of great reasons why you are going to want to look your best. When you look your best, you are going to feel better about yourself and be a more confident individual. This is going to help you improve the results that you are seeing in your professional life, as well as your love life. It may take some work for you to look your best because of the amount of things that you could do to improve your image. For starters, you could get in better shape by eating right and going to the gym more frequently. Doing these things will make it so that you are healthier. A great way for you to be more attractive to people is by looking healthier. But there are not a lot of men in the world that think of skincare as a high priority. But there are still a lot of men’s skincare and grooming products on the market for you to use. When you think about buying men’s skincare and grooming products, there are a couple of costs that will go into procuring them. Not only are you going to have to consider the cost that it takes to buy them, but the time that you spend to get them. This is why a lot of men do not think that skincare and grooming products are worth it. But using these products will help you to appear to be a more attractive man. Men who know how to take care of themselves are often considered more attractive by women. You are going to see that there are a lot of options for you when you are interested in buying men’s skincare and grooming products. You will want to look for the products that will give you the type of result that you need. You can find a lot of information on men’s skincare and grooming products online to make your decision easier on yourself. If you are looking for higher end products, the best place for you to shop for them will be at a high end department store. But many men do not want to have to pay too much money to get their men’s skincare and grooming products. Luckily you can find a lot of brands that will give you very similar results and will not cost you nearly as much money.
The Beginners Guide To Resources (Getting Started 101)
There are plenty of things out there that will help you to improve your image. Using men’s skincare and grooming products is going to help you to improve your appearance. This is why you are going to want to go to the store and buy some today.The Beginners Guide To Resources (What You Need To Know To Get Started)

The 10 Best Resources For Recipes

How to Have a Blast with a Barbecue Party For a barbecue party to be fun and memorable, it need not be an expensive one. The best parties are those with non-traditional dishes serves, so as much as possible try not to focus on burgers and veggie salads. Here are great ideas that are not only unique but are also very affordable: Why don’t we begin and focus with the most famous condiments in every household, being ketchup and mustard. What most people don’t realize is that the sauce can either make or break a dish or menu. With that, why not choose a sauce that’s unusual to the taste and something that is not commonly served during these parties. There is not just one kind of barbecue sauce available, but a myriad of options that will surely liven up one’s taste buds. But don’t forget to consider the meal itself when choosing for the sauce; certain BBQ sauces only go for certain types of meal so make sure they match. Just the same, sweet BBQ sauce is best fish dishes. What is a Barbecue party without the salsa. Whether a salsa is seen as dip for chips or sauce – the point is it’s the best thing that ever happened to parties! But wait – it can be something more than just that! And the best way to serve is always fresh – so try to create your special version on the night of the party and preserve in the refrigerator and ready for the morning. Make sure, you also add a lot of other new stuff in there such as fruits and veggies, together with the typical tomatoes.
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Before the party, you can try to ask your close friends to bring in different salads each – this can make a great salad presentation for you. All you need to do is make a salad feast by adding and mixing it all up – this may just be the most complete salad ever. If the salad ingredients do not match, you can actually make a salad tower instead for a creative presentation.
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Even your grills can benefit from this salad explosion; with that, get a portion of the salad and make sure you get it in the grill for that added touch. After the heavy meal and dishes, a dessert can always settle the taste buds. Rather than serving ice cream or cake, why not opt for a grilled dessert for a change? Without a doubt, anyone who sees this will be extremely curious as to what the dessert is; it’s sure to be a party to remember.

Restaurant Menu – Create your own restaurant quality food at home

Whether it’s to surprise your wife or husband, impress your girlfriend or boyfriend or to teach the children, cooking restaurant quality food is satisfying and fun, if it’s done right and on the plus side its easy to follow!

If you are having that special dinner party and know that the guests like a specific type of famous restaurant food, say you remember them telling you that they go there a lot to eat. Then with this website I have found you can get step by step instruction on how to cook famous restaurant food from the well-known chains, I will put a link on my signature and the link will get you 5 free recipes to try.

I tried it and it worked a treat! The children got involved and designed a menu for our home restaurant. Place cards, table laid with napkins, side plates, knives, forks and glasses – the table looked amazing and all for one course.

Creating your own restaurant food at home saves money in the long-term too. With not going out as much and you have the added benefit of being served in your own time and in your own place. We love the barbecues of the summer in our garden and the cosy dinners in the winter time at our own dining table.No one is subjected to the elements, whatever the weather we are having great food, great company and all at a fraction of the price.

Choosing the very best ingredients from the store or the market will further enhance your restaurant dishes.Educating the children and myself in all the different types of vegetables, and the butcher was a lesson in itself.Understanding more fully the varying cuts of meat and discussing with all your store keepers, butcher, baker or grocer different cooking methods is a great pastime.

Our family life improved. We talked more to each other.We discussed in advance what menu we would have on each day and all took part in both preparing the menu and in throughly enjoying the finished product.What a bonus to add to your favourite recipes – something that you cannot do in the restaurants.The options are limitless.

Author Ian Edward
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Paleo Raw Food Importance Of Enzymes.

Paleo diet consists: lean meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and herb. Raw food plants non processed, uncooked or not cooked above 116 degrees Fahrenheit. If food is cooked above approximately 116 degrees F enzymes are destroyed. Enzymes aids in the digestion and absorption of foods in the bodys digestion system. Heat reduces enzymes activities and effectiveness. Drugs and poisons can also be enzyme inhibitors.

Importance of Enzymes. Enzymes are proteins made of amino acids. Digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas. By cooking foods enzymes are destroyed therefore body produces digestive enzymes. Cooked foods can stress over work the pancreas production of digestive enzymes. Food enzymes presented in raw foods initiates the process of food digestion and reduce pancreas need to produce digestive enzymes. Known as Life-Force and energy of foods. Enzymes allow cell building and deconstruction of matter. Assist in digestion and absorption of foods.

Benefits Raw Food Vegetable and Fruits:

– Reduces bodies pancreas need to produce digestive enzymes.
– Raw food enzymes initiate food digestion and absorption of foods.
– Weight Loss
– Weight Maintenance
– Low Carbohydrates (sugar and starches)
– Low Fats
– Improves Digestion Regularity (vegetables and fruits high in fibers which aid in digestion regularity.)
– Increased energy – The nutrients in vegetables boost energy production within the muscle cells.
– Reduces risk of heart diseases and other human diseases. Raw food contains unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats good fats.
-Vegetable reduces risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, types of kidney diseases and some cancers and lowers the risk of digestive system diseases.
– Low in sodium (salt) meaning less water retention (most vegetable and fruits low levels of sodium.)
– Lower cholesterol and triglyceride (sugar in the blood) concentrations.
-Phytonutrients are the pigments that make blueberries blue and cranberries red. Recently discovered phytonutrients are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the body against cancer-causing free radicals.
– Paleo Raw Food Detoxing – Raw Food Detox: Toxins are inside and stored in cells. Toxins reduces cell energy production can host diseases.
-Detoxing with raw food diets helps to remove toxins and body wastes.
-Fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants and assist the bodys immune system.
-Paleo raw food diet increase energy assists in cleansing the digestive system and removing toxins from the body. Paleo Raw Food Diet is preservative free toxins not consumed in Paleo Diet.
– Detoxing takes time these toxins have accumulated over years. Older bodies have stored more toxins. Changing your diet habits to a Paleo Raw Food Diet has optimal Health Benefits:
When Detoxing Drink A Lot Of Water!

Paleo Raw Food Apple Crisp Recipe
An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away.
Fresh apples topped with mixture of nuts, spices and raisins. Can substitute apples with pears, peaches or apricots if desire.

– 4 apples, cored and chopped (Can substitute apple for pears)
– 1/2 cup orange juice
– 3/4 cup pecan halves
– 3/4 cup sliced walnuts
– 3/4 cup golden raisins
– 1 teaspoon ground ginger
– 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
– 1 teaspoon nutmeg

Put apples in an 8-inch square baking dish or 2-quart casserole dish. Mix orange juice with fruit and mix well. In a food processor, combine pecans, walnuts, golden raisins, ginger and cinnamon and pulse just until chopped. Spoon the nut mixture over the apple mixture

Take Control of Your Health with Taste and Nutrition.

Disclaimer: This information is not offered to be interpreted as medical or professional advice. All medical information needs to be carefully reviewed with your health care provider. Information should not replace advice from your physician. Always check your physician before making any changes to your daily habits. Disclosure: Compensation Affiliate

An Alternative To Venture Capital In The Food And Beverage Industry

If you are an entrepreneur with a small food or beverage company looking to take it to the next level, this article should be of particular interest to you. Your natural inclination may be to seek venture capital or private equity to fund your growth, but that might not be the best path for you to take. We have created a hybrid M&A model designed to bring the appropriate capital resources to you entrepreneurs. It allows the entrepreneur to bring in smart money and to maintain control.

We have taken the experiences of a beverage industry veteran, a food industry veteran and an investment banker and crafted a model that both large industry players and the small business owners are embracing.

I recently connected with two old college mates from the Wharton Business School. We are in what we like to call, the early autumn of our careers after pursuing quite different paths initially. John Blackington is a partner in Growth Partners, a consulting firm that advises food and beverage companies in all aspects of product introduction and market growth. You might say that it has been his life’s work with his initial introduction to the industry as a Coke Route driver during his college summer breaks.

After graduation, Coke hired John as a management trainee in the sales and marketing discipline. John grew his career at Coke and over the next 25 years held various positions in sales, marketing, and business development. John’s entrepreneurial spirit prevailed and he left Coke to consult with early stage food and beverage companies on new product introductions and strategic partnerships.

Steve Hasselbeck is now a food industry consultant after spending 27 years with the various companies that were rolled up into ConAgra. His experience was in managing products and channels. Steve is familiar with almost every functional area within a large food company. He has seen the introduction and the failed introduction of many food industry products.

John’s experience at Coke and Steve’s experience at ConAgra led them to the conclusion that new product introductions were most efficiently and cost effectively the purview of the smaller, nimble, low overhead company and not the food and beverage giants.

Dave Kauppi is now the president of MidMarket Capital, a M&A firm specializing in smaller technology based companies. Dave got the high tech bug early in his business life and pursued a career in high tech sales and marketing. Dave sold or managed in computer services, hardware, software, datacom, computer leasing and of course, a Dot Com. After several experiences of rapid accent followed by an even more rapid decent as technologies and markets changed, Dave decided to pursue an investment banking practice to help technology companies.

Dave, John, and Steve stayed in touch over the years and would share business ideas. In a recent discussion, John was describing the dynamics he saw with new product introductions in the food and beverage industry. He observed that most of the blockbuster products were the result of an entrepreneurial effort from an early stage company bootstrapping its growth in a very cost conscious lean environment.

The big companies, with all their seeming advantages experienced a high failure rate in new product introductions and the losses resulting from this art of capturing the fickle consumer were substantial. When we contacted Steve, he confirmed that this was also his experience. Don’t get us wrong. There were hundreds of failures from the start-ups as well. However, the failure for the edgy little start-up resulted in losses in the $1 – $5 million range. The same result from an industry giant was often in the $100 million to $250 million range.

For every Hansen Natural or Red Bull, there are literally hundreds of companies that either flame out or never reach a critical mass beyond a loyal local market. It seems like the mentality of these smaller business owners is, using the example of the popular TV show, Deal or No Deal, to hold out for the $1 million briefcase. What about that logical contestant that objectively weighs the facts and the odds and cashes out for $280,000?

As we discussed the dynamics of this market, we were drawn to a merger and acquisition model commonly used in the technology industry that we felt could also be applied to the food and beverage industry. Cisco Systems, the giant networking company, is a serial acquirer of companies. They do a tremendous amount of R&D and organic product development. They recognize, however, that they cannot possibly capture all the new developments in this rapidly changing field through internal development alone.

Cisco seeks out investments in promising, small, technology companies and this approach has been a key element in their market dominance. They bring what we refer to as smart money to the high tech entrepreneur. They purchase a minority stake in the early stage company with a call option on acquiring the remainder at a later date with an agreed-upon valuation multiple. This structure is a brilliantly elegant method to dramatically enhance the risk reward profile of new product introduction. Here is why:

For the Entrepreneur: (Just substitute in your food or beverage industry giant’s name that is in your category for Cisco below)

1.The involvement of Cisco – resources, market presence, brand, distribution capability is a self fulfilling prophecy to your product’s success.

2.For the same level of dilution that an entrepreneur would get from a VC, angel investor or private equity group, the entrepreneur gets the performance leverage of smart money. See #1.

3.The entrepreneur gets to grow his business with Cisco’s support at a far more rapid pace than he could alone. He is more likely to establish the critical mass needed for market leadership within his industry’s brief window of opportunity.

4.He gets an exit strategy with an established valuation metric while the buyer helps him make his exit much more lucrative.

5.As an old Wharton professor used to ask, What would you rather have, all of a grape or part of a watermelon? That sums it up pretty well. The involvement of Cisco gives the product a much better probability of growing significantly. The entrepreneur will own a meaningful portion of a far bigger asset.

For the Large Company Investor:

1.Create access to a large funnel of developing technology and products.

2.Creates a very nimble, market sensitive, product development or R&D arm.

3.Minor resource allocation to the autonomous operator during his skunk works market proving development stage.

4.Diversify their product development portfolio – because this approach provides for a relatively small investment in a greater number of opportunities fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit, they greatly improve the probability of creating a winner.

5.By investing early and getting an equity position in a small company and favorable valuation metrics on the call option, they pay a fraction of the market price to what they would have to pay if they acquired the company once the product had proven successful.

Dean Foods utilized this model successfully with their investment in White Wave, the producer of the market leading Silk Brand of organic Soy milk products. Dean Foods acquired a 25% equity stake in White Wave in 1999 for $4 million. While allowing this entrepreneurial firm to operate autonomously, they backed them with leverage and a modest level of capital resources. Sales exploded and Dean exercised their call option on the remaining 75% equity in White Way in 2004 for $224 million. Sales for White Way were projected to hit $420 million in 2005.

Given today’s valuation metrics for a company with White Way’s growth rate and profitability, their market cap is about $1.26 Billion, or 3 times trailing 12 months revenue. Dean invested $5million initially, gave them access to their leverage, and exercised their call option for $224 million. Their effective acquisition price totaling $229 million represents an 82% discount to White Wave’s 2005 market cap.

Dean Foods is reaping additional benefits. This acquisition was the catalyst for several additional investments in the specialty/gourmet end of the milk industry. These acquisitions have transformed Dean Foods from a low margin milk producer into a Wall Street standout with a growing stable of high margin, high growth brands.

Dean’s profits have tripled in four years and the stock price has doubled since 2000, far outpacing the food industry average. This success has triggered the aggressive introduction of new products and new channels of distribution. Not bad for a $5 million bet on a new product in 1999. Wait, let’s not forget about our entrepreneur. His total proceeds of $229 million are a fantastic 5- year result for a little company with 1999 sales of under $20 million.

MidMarket Capital has created this model combining the food and beverage industry experience with the investment banking experience to structure these successful transactions. MMC can either represent the small entrepreneurial firm looking for the smart money investment with the appropriate growth partner or the large industry player looking to enhance their new product strategy with this creative approach.

This model has successfully served the technology industry through periods of outstanding growth and market value creation. Many of the same dynamics are present in the food and beverage industry and these same transaction stru7ctures can be similarly employed to create value.

All about the raw food diet

There are many different types of diets that vegetarians choose to indulge in due to either the effects that the diet will have on their health or for other reasons. One particularly different type of diet that a vegetarian may choose to undergo is known as the raw food diet, and in this article, we’ll work towards giving you a basic explanation of what the raw food diet is and the helpful effects that it can have on your own personal health.

There are many benefits to switching over to a raw food diet. Amongst them include a weight normalization, as the diet tends to have less calories than other types of diets. Those on the raw food diet often find that it helps them to get much closer to their ideal weight level. Coincidentally, those who undergo the raw food diet also often report that they have much higher levels of energy than they have had in the past. The diet seems to be able to coax the body into burning excess calories via energy expenditure as opposed to storing it as fat. One of the main theories that dietitians are considering for the reason that the raw food diet works as well as it does is the fact that animal foods can be harder to break down by the body, and some of the energy stored in meats and other types of refined foods can only be stored as fat as opposed to being broken down into energy.

One important thing to remember if you are attempting to take on the raw food diet is that you should definitely avoid eating even the smallest amount of cooked food. Cooked food requires more digestive acid to be used than raw food, and if you eat cooked food just once, the acid levels will raise in your stomach which will make it more difficult to process the raw foods.

Many people who undergo the raw food diet decide to supplement their diet with certain nutrients in order to help them to achieve a more perfect balance of health. One supplement that is generally recommended is the vitamin B12, which is found in animal products and tough to get from raw fruits and vegetables. Other recommended supplements include copper and zinc, since they are found in much higher levels in meats than in plants and fruits. It’s also important to ensure that you eat a good quantity of nuts and seeds, as they are a significant source of the protein that your body needs to successfully create new tissues and to rebuild old ones. Another important thing to note is that those who are on the raw food diet often find that they have a voracious appetite! Since there are so many fewer calories in raw foods, you shouldn’t need to be too concerned about your food intake. The raw food diet isn’t exactly easy to get started upon, but once you have adjusted to it, it can be of great benefit to your health.