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Elets Technomedia is a technology media and research company that focuses on ICT in government, education, healthcare, agriculture and rural development sectors. Our mandate is to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across our verticals through premier print publications, online portals and premier events, seminars, conferences and summits. Elets has created a name for itself as a technology media and research vendor of choice.


To strengthen and facilitate knowledge sharing platforms engaging with partners across the globe through International conferences to provide cross-cultural grounding to stakeholders and participants To provide stakeholders with a platform to share models of best practice, knowledge and experience on a range of issues in the domain of ICT in Governance, Education, Health, security, Urban and Rural Development To mobilise the communities towards creating a digitally informed knowledge society based on shared understanding

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Elets provides an unmatched versatility for working with multiple partners and consultants to mutually share knowledge. With a vision to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across various verticals with focused reference to governance, education and health, we

a) bring niche monthly publications;

b) provide knowledge exchange fora and

c) conduct research projects, primarily through Events & Conferences.

5 Uses For Services

Importance of Hiring Professional Home Maintenance Service Provider It’s not all the time that the households will be able to perform home maintenance tasks, especially with time constraints so a professional service provider may be hired. It is quite easy to find a professional home maintenance service provider, especially in the North West Sydney. Any handyman North West Sydney has to offer will be able to do several specific jobs for you. By simply going online, you can search for the right contractor for your home maintenance tasks. Make sure that you look for contractors in your locality. You may get recommendations from your trusted friends, work mates and even your relatives. You can always trust your wing men when it comes to the recommendations they give you. Your family or friends may have been satisfied with the kind of work they received from the contractors. The fact that your loved ones can give evidences to the trustworthiness of the contractor makes them confident to offer a referral. There are many important reasons for hiring a professional home maintenance service provider. First of all, the contractors that you are going to hire are experts in several fields of home maintenance. You may be looking for plumbing, gardening or window cleaning services. The contractors are surely experienced in the field and will be able to handle such jobs. They contractors are surely equipped with the right knowledge and skills needed for the tasks to be done. Some projects may require strength for completion, but an expert in the field will be able to do everything and professionally in a swift.
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Before you decide to hire a contractor, make sure that you have identified the possible tasks that you may want the handyman to work on. You may be able to handle the home maintenance needed, but a professional will be the best person to handle problems, especially when there are risks involved. You can choose to handle the maintenance if you are also a trained handyman.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Services? This May Help
Most providers of home maintenance service will ask for a certain rate. The best results do not need to come from the most expensive service providers. The results of each service by contractor will not be the same. Because of this, it is essential that you choose the right contractor to hire. It would help if you can look into the contractor’s background before hiring them. Once you have chosen a good contractor, you should talk to them about your needs. If you are still confused about what to do with maintenance, your contractor will be able to explain the details to you. Always collaborate with your contractor to make sure that the workflow will be smooth.

What I Can Teach You About Linens

The Suppliers of Customized Tablecloths Most of the companies used the customized printed tablecloth as one of the effective marketing strategies in making their target market aware of their products and services especially during events and tradeshows and the customers would be informed of what the company is all about. There are many businesses that started out to make customized tablecloth because they knew the demand of the target market would increase due to the high competition in various business industries and they are not that hard to find because they can be searched through their websites. Since the customized tablecloths are very in demand by some companies for their events and exhibits, the suppliers for this kind of product use high quality of fiber cloth and high quality of printing equipment to be able to produce a high quality of tablecloth. The management of the suppliers for the customized tablecloth are very much experienced in graphic designing for so many years that is why they are very much good at designing images on the customized tablecloth. Rush services are also offered by the suppliers of customized printed tablecloth at the same price and same high quality of fiber cloth and the same quality of printing that is why companies are very fortunate every time they decide to have a customized tablecloth at an instant for their events. The companies who are in need of the customized tablecloth can find suppliers easily on the internet through their websites which are very much informative because all the information are readily available on the site.
Figuring Out Tablecloths
The customized tablecloth created by the suppliers usually has a mock-up or sample presented to the clients or companies so that the clients can view the actual appearance of their order and the suppliers also give sample of swatches to the clients so that clients would pick the right color for their tablecloth to be used for the exhibits and events. The suppliers try to inform first their clients of the kind of materials to be used for the table cloth so that the clients would not be shocked of the actual appearance and of course for the bill or cost that the clients would have to pay.
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The good thing about the websites of the suppliers is that they have the information on the site on the appropriate styles and sizes for the customized printed tablecloth so that the companies would not waste their money in paying for the right design and the right measurements of their tablecloth. The shipping service of the suppliers are a big help for the companies because the companies save time to get the customized table cloth and the suppliers usually charge a minimal price for shipping the customized tablecloth to the venue where the product is needed.

Plumbers – Getting Started & Next Steps

Essential Aspects to Consider in Hiring Quality Plumbers Plumbing cannot be done by just anyone. Plumbing issues at home or any establishment, no matter how simple they may seem, require expertise and skills in such matters. Being faced with plumbing problems puts you in a very frustrating situation. For example, you sink faucet starts to burst and water just keep flowing, in this case there is a need to find a quality plumber because hiring an inexperienced one will only lead to more plumbing issues. As compared to other plumbing issues, the example provided above will not level out. It is essential to assure that you are hiring the most qualified plumber to deal with your plumbing problems at home or at the office. You can find plumbing service providers in almost any town and city. There are professional plumbers and there are also DIY plumbers. If you want to guarantee quality, you can hire the professional plumbers. This doesn’t mean that DIY plumbers deliver low quality work. If you are hiring a DIY plumber, make sure to ask around and know more about the said service provider. If this DIY plumber already gained his reputation in plumbing, then you might be in the right hands. Deciding whether to hire professional plumbing company or DIY plumber is also dependent upon the gravity of the tasks need to be done. When it comes to major water system, piping, electrical, and drainage installation and repair, this must be done by the professionals. Under-performance in this kind of work can lead to more complex and complicated issues that can compromise safety, comfort, and convenience in the near future. In hiring plumbers, below are some of the requirements that they must meet in order to be qualified and reputable enough to be trusted.
The 5 Laws of Plumbing And How Learn More
Skills and Experience
News For This Month: Plumbers
Skills and experience is the most important deciding factor in which plumbers to hire. As mentioned above, hiring plumbers that are not skilled and experienced enough can only cause more problems in the future. Ascertain that the tradesmen you are hiring has enough skills and experience to handle your plumbing issues with superiority in terms of quality. In order to do this, you can inquire with their previous clients. The most reliable factor to ascertain whether the quality of the service provider is qualified enough is the level of customer satisfaction. Location The location of the service provider also matters in choosing which plumbers to hire. When the situation calls for it, it is important that immediate response is facilitated by them. Plumbing problems can occur in the most unexpected timing so better call the one near your place to address your concerns promptly. Pricing Customers will always be concerned with pricing. It is desirable to find an affordable yet qualified service. Make sure that you will not be a victim of plumbers who abusively prices their services.

Getting Down To Basics with Videographers

Get Professional Wedding Videography To Document Your Precious Moments A wedding is an event that is really precious, and to make it even more memorable it is important to document it through wedding videography. To immortalize the memories that all happened in the wedding, it is important to get the services of an event videographers so as to transform the wedding ceremony in to a film and make it into a precious wedding memento. Videographers are totally lucky with the proliferation of the high tech cameras because it makes it possible for their works to become even easier. The video cameras of today that are used by videographers are so high tech, but the works of videography has existed even before and that is why the profession has grown into something that is so big today. It is lucky for couples in this day and age to get married, because that are assured that their precious moments will be captured in high quality detail. It is not enough to get a high quality camera to record a precious moment such as a wedding, it is important to hire the right person with the skills and experience to become wedding videographers for your special event. It is imperative to record a wedding event with the right people and equipment so that the memories that are recorded will be of high quality and that you will enjoy the once in a lifetime event that happens to you. In some cases, it can not be helped that a person can get married twice or what; but it is important to point out that each wedding is unique in its own way, and as such recording the event is also essential. Hiring a wedding photographers is really necessary and it is something that must really be done. When you have a recording of your wedding, you will be happy to realize that when you look back on it, you see something that is full of happiness and only laughter and smiles fill the wedding venue. When you are the bride or the groom, you will realize that you will be so preoccupied about the wedding and that you will not have the chance to see all the things that are happening all around you, and that is the reason why it is essential to get the services of a videographer. When you get the service of a wedding videographers, you are assured that you will see an outcome that is of high quality and really professinally made. Those people such as your friends and families who are not able to attend your wedding can somehow feel its spirit through the videos that have been produced. The video can be one thing to make those that were not able to attend to feel the spirit that the wedding has.A Simple Plan For Researching Videographers

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5 Uses For Builders

The Steps to Locating a Good Contractor In the past few years, it is a very difficult thing for you to hit the free time of a good builder. At times, you have to wait for a long span of time before your hired builder can find time to do your home project. Today, however, good builders are no longer hard to find. But this does not necessarily mean that you can just pick any one. When finding a home building contractor, there are some points which you have to take into consideration. A few of these are enumerated right below. 1. The builder should make sure that his claims are real.
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2. You should take time to verify the total cost of the labour and of the materials.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Experts
3. The builder whom you are choosing must have a deep understanding on the requirements of your project. 4. Be sure that you are bringing to the knowledge of the builder the level of quality that you are expecting him to hand out. 5. Seek to understand how you are going to pay the contractor and the materials that shall be used all throughout the task. Other than what is mentioned above, there are some other things which you have to consider in order to gain the assurance that you are selecting the best and the right contractor for the construction of your residence. Kindly read on to the next few parts of this article if you feel interested in learning more tips. Collecting Word-of-Mouth Referrals By far, collecting verbal recommendations is one of the easiest yet most promising steps that can lead you towards the right service provider. If you cannot get references, then at least go for the person who is verified by reputation building organizations in your own state. Make a Written Agreement Next thing in line, there is a great necessity on your part to be choosing a building contractor who can produce a written contract. It is practically very essential to have a written contract for all the things that you and the contractor have agreed upon regarding the service and its price. Without the presence of a contract, you might not be able to go through the transaction safely. Check out the Cost Estimate The last thing of all is that you need to gain an understanding on the total costs quoted by your hired building contractor. It is not good to be paying anything which do not really understand much. For your benefit, have a separate cost estimate for all of the materials used and for the labor of the builder.

Figuring Out Services

Finding the Right House Builders to Hire – Top Tips and Considerations After finally deciding that you want to have your own home, your next move is to find yourself a good home builder. Obviously, you would be better off in the hands of home builders that have maintained a good reputation in the real estate industry. Even with this, it can still be difficult to select a good home builder. There are, however, certain steps that you can follow if you want the process to go smoothly. Regardless of whether this is your first time working with a home builder, these approaches will be effective. When starting your search, know more about the home builders that are based in your location. Ask some of your friends and neighbors about the home builders that they hired. This would be a good idea because you will get to see the finished homes yourself. Needless to say, it would be very important for you to make sure that the home builders that are on your list are licensed. Keep in mind that in order for a certain builder to be allowed to work in a certain area, he must be licensed. Licenses are only given to those who are qualified. You shouldn’t have to worry about the competence of licensed home builders.
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Before you hire any home builder, make sure that you know the types of projects that they did in the past. Home builders specialize in different types of homes. Being aware of what you truly want for your new house will make it easier for you when selecting a home builder. With this in mind, you should now know that it would be important to know what you want before you even begin searching for home builders.
The Essential Laws of Builders Explained
Remember that ensuring the capability and credibility of home builders is only the start. The next step is to make sure that working with them is not stressful. Both of you will be working with each other for an extended period of time. It is obvious that the two of you must get along well if you are to get anything done. The home builder must always understand and prioritize your preferences. They must not hesitate to inform you of any errors that you make though. In addition to being complex, building your very own house can get really expensive. Keeping this in mind, you must make sure that you don’t spend any more money than you need to. Before you make any further decisions, make sure that you set a budget for the project first. This doesn’t mean that you should always go for the cheapest options. Since it is unavoidable for you to spend a significant amount of money, you might as well make sure that you will get the most value from it.